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The intersection of film and art is a longtime interest for author Susan Delson. A former film programmer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Delson has written and lectured on such topics as the making of Ballet mécanique, the influence of silent film on the art of René Magritte, and photographer Helen Levitt as a cinéaste. Previously a filmmaker, Delson,
like Murphy, favored short films; among her projects is Cause and Effect (1988), one of the first films produced by Todd Haynes, Christine Vachon, and Barry Ellsworth for their company, Apparatus Productions (distributed by Zeitgeist Films). Delson was for many years the editor of Museums magazines, and a faculty member in the Museum Studies program at New York University. Her writing has appeared in Artforum, Art + Auction, Forbes, Museum News, and other publications. She holds degrees from the University of Chicago and the City University of New York Graduate Center. She is currently at work on a book about the short music films of the 1940s known as soundies.

Photographs of the author by Arthur Hom.